Tim Timebomb and friends

Tim Timebomb and Friends - Harry Bridges


Tim Timebomb and Friends - Oh Hollywood


Tim Timebomb and friends - Indestructible


Tim Timebomb and friends - My bucket’s got a hole in it


Выпил пивка, разморило, переводите сами*( "Hank Williams was born in Alabama, and when he was young he met a black street performer by the name of Rufus Payne, who taught Hank guitar. Rufus had a huge influence on Hank. A teenage Hank put together the Drifting Cowboys to play live on the radio. At 23, he met Nashville music publisher Fred Rose, and recorded the tune “Move It On Over”, and the rest is history. There have been many different lyrics used on this song over the years. Ricky Nelson has a rockin’ version of this song, and he changed the lyric from “I can’t buy no beer” to “I don’t work no more”. There’s a great jazz version out there by Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis. The rhythm section are my bandmates in Rancid–Matt and Branden, and this is our take on it." 

Tim Timebomb and Friends - We Did Alright


Tim Timebomb and friends - If Teardrops Were Pennies

"Отелю "The George IV" в Ноттингеме, Англия уже около двухсот лет, говорят там останавливался Чарльз Дикенс, а в 60-ых там бывали Ричард Бёртон и Элизабет Тейлор. Раян, Мэтт и я остались вместе в номере 102 в этом красивом старом отеле, чтобы поугарать, попеть и записать классическу кантри песню Карла Батлера - "If Teardrops Were Pennies"."

Tim Timebomb and friends - Oh Lonesome Me


Tim Timebomb and friends - Cuz i ain't gone yet

Традиционные рубрики "Новая песня Тима Армстронга каждый день" + "Сегодня пятница, переводите сами!"

"In the winter of 1986 I took a Greyhound bus from Oakland, Ca. to New York City, and my only luggage was my Fender acoustic guitar. I had been thinking about moving there. When I got to New York it was colder than I ever expected, and then I read that a punk club was opening up in my neighborhood in the East Bay--Gilman Street. So I returned for the opening show on New Year's Eve. The first verse of this song is inspired by that trip to New York. We brought in Becky Stark, a great musician in the scene, to perform on this one. The first time I met Becky Stark I went over to her house with a friend of mine. I brought my acoustic guitar over with me, as I often do, (the same guitar I took to NY in 1986), and immediately we started playing songs together."


Tim Timebomb and friends - Lip up fatty (Bad Manners cover)

"Я первый раз увидел Bad Manners, когда еще учился в школе, они играли в "Berkeley Keystone" в 1983-ем. Много панкрок парней пошли на
это шоу и было очень круто видеть панков, модов, скейтеров и прочих под одной крышай, выплясывающих под ска."

Очередной кавер от Tim Timebomb and Friends!

Вчера, знаете ли, пятница была, так что комментарий Тима переводите сами: "The original Rocket 88 was produced by Sam Phillips (Sun Records) for Chess Records in 1951. Jackie Brentson and his Delta Cats had a number one on the R&B charts with it, and a teenage Ike Turner played piano alongside his Rhythm Kings. Some say it’s the first time a distorted guitar was recorded. One story is that the bands amp fell off the roof of a car while driving– and to fix the amp, somebody stuffed it with newspaper to keep the wrecked cone in place– which then created a fuzzy tone. Besides that story, this song was often debated among musicologists as being the first rock and roll record. Musically there’s so much going on in the original version…Jackie is singing in C, and the rest of the band is playing in E flat. The original has a great feel, and sometimes, wreckless in nature–and I always thought that this would make a fantastic instrumental." 
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