The Warriors - 2017 - Lucky seven

The Warriors - 2017 - Lucky seven
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Краткое описание: Новый альбом The Warriors! Классический, грязноватый Английский Oi! Группа существует c 1981-ого года, а собрал ее ни кто иной, как бывший вокалист The Last Resort! Старички, с чёткой позицией.. "THE WARRIORS DO NOT PROMOTE RACISM, FASCISM, SEXISM, HOMOPHOBIA or RELIGION : The Warriors were, are and always will be a non-political, democratic street rock band who stand for pride but NOT prejudice. If you cannot accept this then please do not attend our shows."
01. This Is Oi!
02. Don't Tell Me
03. Hard And Smart
04. Modern Poverty
05. Alternative Lifestyle
06. Razor Spike Ron
07. Skinhead Blues
08. Bowler Hats
09. I Thank You
10. Won't Live Forever
11. AAA
12. Unite And Fight
13. Power To The People
14. Riot In Progress

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